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-by Yvette Donner

Well, Bourbon hasn’t sacked me yet cuz of the Champagne post. So while I still have the chance, I’m going to slip in Coral:

While I was setting up these shots, I was obsessing over the mesh hair. Ok, so I know that there are issues with mesh. We’re constrained by the fit, and if your friend isn’t in a mesh-enabled viewer, you look just plain weird. But I have to say that I’ve fallen in love with mesh hair. Fit isn’t much of an issue; for women it seems to be mainly a matter of how longer hair lays on the chest. But the big thing is that the hair doesn’t go through your boobs when you turn your head (check out the pictures above). Oh, and mesh hair makes photo editing a breeze!

Oh, but I forgot. The post was supposed to be about Coral. Artilleri has this cool coral-colored blouse. It’s sort of a neutral color, and can go with lots of different stuff. And although it’s retro, it works in a modern outfit, as shown:)

  • What the cutie is wearing:
  • Blouse: /artilleri/ Othelie blouse*coral*
    • Skirt: Donna Flora Tiffany
    • Boots: MEB Stiletto Boots Black Leather
    • Bracelet: Terra d’Ombra Carmen Pearl Bracelet
    • Sunglasses: Diram Armelle Diva Sunglasses
    • Skin: Dutch Touch MegAn Olive
    • Eyeliner: Dutch Touch Eyeliner nr 3
    • Mesh hair: Alice Project Persuasion blonde color pack
  • Poses:
    • 1 – the vanity’s hair brush pose
    • 2 – the armoire’s f-pose
    • 3 – Fluke All Worried Mind – Prayer
    • 4 – LAP – Gotchyer Number
  • Props:
    • Crux Vanity with linked drawer
    • {what next} Morning Tea Armoire