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-by Bourbon Zenovka

I don’t know what I was thinking, giving Yvette unsupervised access to my blog. She’s impulsive, irreverent… And that “cute” act she puts on? Yea, she’s about as cute as PMS. But the People have spoken, so I guess Yvette is here to stay. But this is still my blog, and I’m doing this week’s color 😉

I went over to Rezzie’s on Sunday to see if she had an outfit for indigo. After all, I want to support designers who support the challenge. I guess I got there a little early, because she didn’t have her indigo set out yet. But I found this cool scoop-neck tee in grape, which was pretty close to Luna’s indigo color chip. Even better, it was just the sort of piece to start an outfit for leaving town on a tropical getaway. And thanks, Laura, for suggesting the lavender tights.

  • What the pretty lady is wearing:
    • Shirt: Rezlpsa Loc T-Shirt Grape Soda
    • Skirt: Maitreya Jules JeansSkirt Black
    • Belt: MEB Black & Stud Belt
    • Earrings: La Forgia Jelwels Vertigo Earrings
    • Necklace: EarthStones Chocolate Box Necklace
    • Sunglasses: kk designer sunglasses silver
    • Nylons: No.9 Nylons Shiny Pantyhose Lilac
    • Shoes: Purple Moon Narcissus Ballerinas in Silver
    • Hair: [69] Cass 01 Dark Blonde Sandy
    • Skin: [BLUSH] Elle A Touch of Nostalgy
    • Eyes: Amacci Gaze Eyes Indigo
  • Poses:
    • 2 – Fluke All Worried Mind – Demanding
    • 3 – [LAP] C-Runway
    • 4 – Bourbon’s Boudoir
  • Location: Hollywood Airport, Santa Catalina/49/145/23