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-by Yvette Donner

Someone (I won’t mention any names, but her intials are LAILA LAPERRIERE) told Bourbon to give me all the hard colors. I’m surprised Bourbon didn’t come up with that one on her own. So I was scratching my head about iron. But when I logged in on Sunday afternoon, it was Rezzie to the rescue! I saw the tee and the tights, and thought, that’s for me! So, throw in a few accessories to complete the outfit, and it was off to the Linden Railroad to ride the iron horse. You know, train = “iron” horse? This weeks color is iron? Aw, nm.

What the cutie is wearing:

    • Tee and tights: * RezIpsa Loc * Iron Heart
    • Scarf: Amacci Scarf 4 (included with Suzette hair pack)
    • Boots: Sentou Yousei Little Booties Black
    • Belly Chain: Purple Rose Petite Heart Belly Chain Silver
    • Watch: TDRspecial Watch
    • Bangles: Bossa Nova Bangles
    • Skin: Dutch Touch MegAn Olive
    • Eyeliner: Dutch Touch Eyeliner nr 2
    • Cowboy hat with hair: A&A Joelynn nr. 9
  • Poses:
    • 1 – Embody F KAROLINA 1
    • 2 – Manifeste Inventory Cleanup nr. 94
    • 4 – Manifeste Inventory Cleanup nr. 81 (with an emoter added on)