-by Bourbon Zenovka

For some reason, Yvette insisted that I do Royal Purple this week; although when I asked her why, she was evasive. If I thought her little brain capable of such subtlety, I would suspect her of insinuating that I go around with an attitude like I’m some kind of royalty. Wait… You don’t think…?

My dress is Metro from Spork, by GM Nikolaidis. Spork closed its doors a year or two ago, and nowadays GM makes poses under the Fluke label. The poses in the pictures above are from Fluke’s latest release, Head and Shoulders (jewelry poses). The set costs L$150 and includes seven poses.  Fluke’s store is on the LeeZu sim.

I’m going to be traveling, so I won’t be posting anything for the next couple of weeks. And after how mean that little witch was to Laura in last week’s post, I’m not leaving Yvette alone with the blog. So ta-ta for now, but one or the other of us will see you in a few weeks.

  • What the pretty lady is wearing:
    • Dress: Spork Metro
    • Necklace and Earrings: Mandala Pearl Rain
    • Hair & Hairbase: Amacci Viola Brown Sugar
    • Skin: [BLUSH] Elle A Touch of Nostalgy
    • Eyes: Amacci Gaze Black Blue
  • Poses: Fluke Head and Shoulders (jewelry poses)