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-by Yvette Donner

Bourbon does NOT like thistles. She made me stand there and listen while she launched into this rant about invasive species and native ecosystems and blah blah blah, cuz you know how she is when she starts in on that stuff, and I was bored and she gives me this look, and she was like, It’s impolite to roll your eyes at people, but she doesn’t slow down until I’m like, OK, I get it, thistles, bad, can I go pee now? ‘Nuff said.

Now about my dress. Early last Sunday morning, coffee still bubbling on the stove and sleep still in my eyes, Laura declares an emergency and drags me out to OhMarie. Each item in the store was priced at L$20. I was awake enough to see that this dress was close to Luna’s Thistle swatch, so I picked it up, along with the shoes. And if like me, you are allergic to matching prim feet to your skin tone, these wedges with the socks are sent from heaven! (Besides, they’re CUTE!) Well, in the light of day the dress turned out to be a little too dark, but what the heck, I liked it 🙂

About the locations. Those of you in the know will recognize the baseball field as Chicago’s Wrigley Field. (Yup, chewing gum Wrigley.) Hard to miss, with the ivy-covered outfield walls. It is in the Chicago 1920’s sim. The other three pics were shot at Armanelos, in the Calas Galadhon Parks.

  • What the cutie is wearing:
    • Dress: Ohmarie Cutieness Dress – Plum
    • Shoes and socks: Ohmarie Wedge – Purple
    • Bangles: BM Design Bracelets Zebra
    • Earrings: Darling+ed Hoop Bright – Gold
    • Necklace: Darling+ed WhiteWater Necklace – Silver
    • Watch: TDR Special Watch
    • Nails: N-core Manicure
    • Skin: Dutch Touch Yri – Pale Peach
    • Eyeshadow: Glamorize Sexy Thing Eye Makeup – Dessert
    • Lipstick: Fishy Strawberry Allure Faded Lipstick – Wine
    • Hair: Exile Tonight Tonight – Swiss
  • Locations:

And thank you, Eliza, you rock!