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-by Bourbon Zenovka

I’m dedicating this week’s post to Laura Streeter; she will be turning 5 on Friday (May 11). Laura is my best friend in SL. She’s also my oldest friend; we’ve known each other for most of those 5 years. Those of you who know Laura know her as sensitive, kind, generous, and in possession of a heart as big as the sky. Those of you who don’t know her… I hope you can meet her some day.

I didn’t want to let on that I was doing this post, so I lured Laura to inviting me into her bedroom with empty suggestions of… No, not really. I said, “Hey, can I come over?” Laura, obviously, is not in Pueblo. (I don’t think she’s done her Pueblo yet.)  Her outfit is from Donna Flora. Pretty, isn’t it? It looks lovely, even on Laura. Laura is all gussied up for the LOOK graduation show tomorrow. (She will send you the invite, if you want to come.)

I want to share with you my favorite picture of Laura. We were backstage; we had been rehearsing each other, and a second or two before she logged off and disappeared, I caught her in that pose…

So if you catch Laura online this Friday, be sure to embarrass her and wish her a happy rez day!

  • What the pretty lady is wearing:
    • Coat: So Many Styles Boyfriend Blazer – Red
    • Jeans: UK Couture Gianni
    • Shirt: Kungler’s Danielle Blouse – Metal
    • Bra: PACADI Jasha Oona Bra – 04
    • Boots: Bax Prestige Boots – Brown Leather
    • Bangles: Algezares Designs AlgeKira – Sun
    • Necklace: Purple Rose Gold Wing Necklace
    • Earrings: Uzuri Mrabanusu – Gold
    • Skin: Blush Elle – Old Nostalgy
    • Hair: W&Y Hair 122
    • Eyes: Ammaci Gaze Eyes Black Blue