-by Yvette Donner

Entranced by smoke rings from the peyote

Peyote smoke does strange things to Aya and Yvette

So this week I got together with Aya for the challenge. (You gotta see her Pueblo!) Boy, is she fun to shop with! Shopping is a social activity, you know? Well, we are on a little bit different schedules, but we finally hooked up on Friday night, with a few stores we wanted to check out. To make a long story short, Aya bought her things from ColdLogic and elymode, and I put together my outfit at elymode. Honestly, I wasn’t too excited about Pueblo. I agree with whoever in chat said it looked like mud. But when I found these separates at elymode, I was like, Hey, I can do cute and sexy in that color!

At Aya’s suggestion, we ended up at Tableau for our shoot. I was a little nervous, not having a clue where we would go with this shoot. But shooting pics with Aya was as natural as sightseeing with a good friend, taking pictures of ourselves against picturesque backgrounds. And Aya, thank you for being patient with me while I fussed over each shot 🙂

Lastly, doesn’t Aya have SUCH a pretty face?

Aya Petrovic (aka Ayako Firecaster)

  • What the Yvette is wearing:
    • Skirt: elymode Cyd’s Leather Skirt (rust)
    • Tank and Stockings: elymode Lurissa (red)
    • Boots: MEB Grunge Boots
    • Necklace: [glow] studio 4 Minutes Full (copper)
    • Bracelets: Fishy Strawberry Istanbul Bangles
    • Panties: XTC Pulse Leather
    • Bra: EMO-tions Delirium
    • Skin: Dutch Touch MegAn (olive)
    • Hair: Alice Project Mandi
    • Nails: N-core
  • Poses:
    • On the car: from Fluke’s Floor Play set
    • Second picture: !bang Just Like Sisters