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So, Laura took me to SL9B and showed me something that Casja Lilliehook had done. (Check the link, Casja explains in detail.) It seems she worked out a technique for creating a mirror effect by using water reflections. Apparently you create a set, then rotate it so that the wall is flat on the water. It’s disorienting to look at, and strange to shoot, but it gives a fairly convincing mirror effect. I wasn’t very happy with mine; the mirror image was not as sharp as I would have liked, and the color in the mirror was off. Casja’s images look much better.

As for my rust, a month or two ago, Ayako Firecaster and I collaborated on the Pueblo post. I always lusted after the top she found at coldLogic, so this was my excuse to pick one up for myself! (Aya, consider imitation as the highest form of flattery 😛 )

  • What the cutie is wearing:
    • Top: coldLogic Graham (Sunset)
    • Jeans: Diram Slim Jean (Blue)
    • Boots: Insolence Nina (Brown)
    • Necklace: [glow] studio 4 Minutes Necklace
    • Bangles: Fishy Strawberry Istanbul Bangles
    • Hair: LeLutka Trend (Sweeden)
    • Skin: Dutch Touch MegAn Olive
    • Eyeliner: Dutch Touch Eyeliner nr 2
    • Lipstick: Dutch Touch Pale
    • Nails: N-Core