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Once in a while, a designer will send me something that really gets my attention. Last night, when GM Nikolaidis of Fluke sent me his new prim hands for photography, I sat up and took notice. It’s one of those things you think you never needed until you got one.

Because avatar feet are pretty lame, the introduction of prim feet several years ago was a huge step forward in footwear (pun intended). Avatar hands, on the other hand (once again, pun intended), were pretty good to start with; add in some prim nails and your hands look fabulous. So why prim hands? The idea is to give flexibility in posing the avatar’s hands. So what GM has come up with are prim hands, with a HUD to select hand poses, skin tone, and nail color. The set includes left and right hands, 13 nail colors, 5 skin tones, a color picker, left and right bangles, and 10 hand poses. (The 10 hand poses are split, with five poses in each of two HUDs.) The set sells for $299.

In the photos, I show a selection of hand poses and nail colors. As with prim feet, nailing the right skin tone was a bit tricky for me. There are 5 basic skin tones in the HUD; you start with a lighter color than your skin, then make the hand color more saturated and/or darker. I tend to do better with RGB input than a graphical color picker, but I think the photos show that I came close. (So if I can do it…) nb: if you have a very light skin tone (think Gwen Stefani) you might not be able to wear these hands; however, GM tells me that he is working on adding more skin tones. The bangles, of course, mask the discontinuity between the avatar wrists and the prim hands. (Although if you are very good with matching skin colors, with a little photo processing, the bangles will be unnecessary.)

Finally, the poses are from Flukes new “Cover” pose set, for bare breast shots. There are 8 poses in the set, which sells for L$320. Individual poses are L$50 each.

Location: Fluke at LeeZu/139/109/22/