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Let me paint the scene.  A mid-July evening, an hour or so before sunset.  The shadows are casting long across the hills. The air is still, hot and sultry. You’re at an outdoor event, maybe the California Shakespeare Festival. An elegant, romantic event. And you’re with that someone whose image floats across your mind in those vulnerable moments as you drift off to sleep at night. What did you look for in your closet as you were selecting the perfect outfit? Maybe something light, but elegant. Silk and lace? Casual but classy?

You found Givenchy by MEB.

The silk blouse with the turned up collar, the deep decolletage, and the bow at the cleavage is quintessentially feminine. On the other hand, a pair of shorts would not have been my intuitive choice for an elegant evening. But it is brilliant! The shorts are sassy, but the lace is refined. And cool and light for these warm evenings. The blouse is a shirt layer with sleeve and bottom prims; the shorts are mesh, with an alpha and several sizes included.

The set includes a pair of shoes with rounded toe and heel. My review copy included invisiprims but not an alpha for the shoe; however, I’m told that the vendors now include the shoe alpha. The HUD colors the feet and various parts of the shoe. The HUD is easy to use, with several color presets that can be turned up or down, and the HUD accepts RGB inputs if that is your preference.

Givenchy and the two other summer releases are on sale until July 20. Givenchy is L$300 during the sale; L$450 after.

  • Location: MEB at KLIO/107/199/23/
  • Blouse, shorts, and shoes: MEB Givenchy
  • Skin: Dutch Touch MegAn
  • Hair: Exile Tonight Tonight