GM Nikolaidis of Fluke has released a new pose set, called That Girl. Fluke isn’t your typical pose store. In addition to model poses in a haute couture style, Fluke has created a number more light-hearted and imaginative pose sets. In this blog we have previously reviewed the All Worried Mind, Floor Play, and Sports pose sets, to name a few. To that category we can now add That Girl. I think that Mr. Nikolaidis’s previous experience as a photographer and clothing designer shows in the quality of these poses. Although some of the poses, like the one below, have strong bends and twists, the poses are created in such a way that the distortions to the clothing textures and to the avatar itself are minimized. So if you want to add some fun and fanciful poses to your arsenal, take a little run out to Fluke.

  • Pertinent stuff about the poses:
    • That Girl pose set
    • L$50 each or L$320 for the set of 8 poses
    • Location: Fluke at LeeZu/139/109/22/

This post is also my submission this week for the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. Color of the week is jonquil. A few weeks ago I had been to Purple Moon, where I picked up the Manager’s Special. It was the cute flower-power mesh pants and pink top shown above, complete with scarf and sunglasses.

  • What the cutie is wearing:
    • Pants: Purple Moon I Feel Good
    • Top: Purple Moon from Marlena Dress
    • Scarf: Purple Moon Growl Scarf
    • Sunglasses: Purple Moon Vain Sunglasses
    • Shoes: Pixel Mode Fae Wedges
    • Bracelet: AlaFolie bonne Annee
    • Earrings: Holliday Gold Hoop Earrings
    • Ring: je suis Mysterious Ring
    • Hat and Hair: Maitreya Siobahn
    • Skin: Dutch Touch MegAn Olive
    • Eyeliner: Dutch Touch Eyeliner nr 2
    • Nails: N-Core Manicure