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I love my Athena sweater; Onyx LeShelle does such nice work. And when I saw this week’s color, I went right away to that sweater.

I used to fly a little bit in SL. I liked flying, but with the lag, flying into ban lines, the chaos of flying across sim boundaries and so on, it just wasn’t worth the hassle. So I stopped flying. But Laura had recently dragged me out to the airport a couple times to show off her Hello Kitty airplane. (Poor delusional Laura still believes that the Hurricane is superior to the Spitfire.) But I found that I still had the itch, so I dragged a plane out of my inv and flew around the patch a few times. And so the inspiration for this week’s post.

So while out scouting for a location, I met Rolo Blackmountain, owner of Snug Harbor Airport & Marina. A very friendly fellow, he showed me around, and pointed me to a free airplane and a free sailboat. The airplane (used in this shoot) is a beautifully crafted replica of the 1947 Beech 33 Debonair, from Drusillla Saunders Aeronautics. Rolo has vendors for numerous other aircraft, including the high-end executive jet, the Falcon 2000 7X. (You can see some of the Falcon in the background of the first picture; the snob value alone is worth the price!) And he has rez boxes out there, so if you want a little fun, you can head out there, rez a demo airplane, and fly around. Who knows? You might decide to take home an airplane of your own.

  • What the cutie is wearing:
    • Sweater: Miatreya Athena Sweater
    • Jeans: R.icielli Ash Jeans
    • Boots: Insolence Nina Boots
    • Hair: Alice Project Momo II
    • Ring: je suis Mysterious Ring
    • Bracelet: AlaFolie bonne Annee Gift
    • Sunglasses: Diram Lady Gaga Sunglasses
    • Skin: Dutch Touch MegAn Olive
    • Nails: N-Core
  • Airplane: Drusillla Saunders Aeronautics 33 Debonair
  • Location: Snug Harbor Airport & Marina Vainemoren/26/245/351