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I recently had the pleasure of meeting the wild fox herself, Janina Foxdale. Janina is the creative talent behind the jewelry store, Wild Fox. Janina’s creations range from fine jewelry to up-scale venue builds. Wild Fox is a rustic little store in the pretty sim of Fairweather. Janina offers a nice assortment of jewelry (including collars) and an eclectic assortment of other items. (A look at that suit of armor is worth a trip to the store!)

Shown above and right are the Wild Fox Diamond Hoop earrings. I invite you to zoom in on the detail picture; the cut on the gemstones is exquisite. The earrings would be appropriate for anything from dressy casual to formal. The set includes a HUD for color change and resizing. Gemstones and and both metal parts can be recolored. There are numerous color presets, or you can use RGB inputs or a graphical color picker to choose any color in the rainbow. A beautiful, versatile addition to your jewelry box, you can steal it for L$400.

Model: Fatima (aka sonique.back)

I was delighted when I saw Janinia’s selection of collars. Considering that the collar that a submissive wears reflects the taste of the Dominant, a collar that is also a piece of refined jewelry is a welcomed accessory. I was impressed with the fit of the collar, and the way the stone lays so perfectly on the throat. A lovely touch that unfortunately the picture does not show is a delicate golden padlock at the nape of the neck that rezzes when the collar is locked. The collars are fully functional OpenCollar scripted. The Celtic Goddess collar pictured above can be purchased for L$400.

Location: Fairweather/88/189/25