Peacock Collar

I recently reviewed some jewelry by Janina Foxdale (see Wild Fox Jewelry), and Janina has since sent me a few more of her collars. In my review of Janina’s Celtic Goddess collar, I mentioned that as a fine piece of jewelry for a submissive to wear, it reflects the refined taste of the Dominant. To carry that thought a step further, Janina’s collars can be worn as gorgeous pieces of jewelry by Domina, submissive, or none of the above. The designs are lovely, and the detail is exquisite. Take a look at the image below, and note for example the detail on the hinges and that sexy little padlock. I’m showing here the Peacock collar, the Egyptian collar, and the Snake collar. Each collar sells for L$400. (And they are OpenCollar scripted, if you intend one for your submissive.)

Detail of Peacock Collar

Egyptian Collar

Egyptian Collar

Snake Collar

While you are at Wild Fox, use the rezzer to have a close look at the other products.

  • What the cutie is wearing (in addition to the collars):
    • Clothing: Photo 1 Positano by MEB; 3 Ravel by Milady’s Fancy; 4 Rospinosa by B!asta
    • Earrings: Photos 1 and 3 Carmen by Terra d’OmbrA; 4 Diamond Hoop Earrings by Wild Fox
    • Hair: Photo 1 and 3 Trend by LeLutka; 4 Yvette by Truth
    • Skin: Dutch Touch
  • Location:  Fairweather/88/189/25