BOOO!!! There are some new releases at Amacci, and a couple of them are just in time for Halloween! First up, let’s talk about the Goth version of the Liane skin.  The Goth is a porcelain skin tone with just the right touch of color on the cheek bones. Eyebrows are black with good definition, and the lashes are painted on, so no fussing with prim lashes. Eye shadows are strong (as you would expect for a Goth skin). Lip colors span the palette and range from soft to strong. A clear skin is included with each pack, so you can dabble with your favorite makeup. Liane Goth is sold in 16 different makeup sets, each set with four combinations: makeup / clear and basic / enhanced cleavage. And if you want to fine-tune your cleavage, there is a tattoo for small chests and a tatt for a push-up cleavage. Hold on, I’m not done… each pack includes 10 lipstick tattoos! All this for L$950 per individual makeup set, or L$2,900 for the fat-pack.

In the photo, I’m wearing Amacci’s Lottie shape. The shape is included (copy/mod) with the Liane Goth fatpack, or it can be purchased separately for L$700. I really love the Liane / Lottie combination. The face has youthful features, the lips are full and sensual, and it has that look that says, “I just might be trouble.”

Ok, a Goth skin and Halloween seem made for each other. But here is the cherry on the cake: there is a gift at the main store! Go pick up that free Nami Halloween hair. It’s cute, it’s sexy, and the gift includes 4 black / orange color combos.

Well, Carina Larsen has been busy, and these Halloween-themed releases are only part 1.  Stay tuned, in my next post I will be reviewing her more mainstream releases.

  • What the cutie is wearing:
    • Skin: Amacci Liane Goth #4 (Candy w/ cleavage)
    • Shape: Amacci Lottie
    • Hair: Amacci Nami (Nigth+Orange)
    • Eyes: Amacci Real Eyes (Earth)
    • Dress: Son!a Seductive Dress
  • Location: Amacci/131/178/23/