Liane Bronze Skin and Lisa Shape with Sira Hair

Do you ever look in the mirror in the morning and decide that you want to do something fun and a little bit different with your hair? Yea, me too. Well, check out Amacci’s new braided hair style. Sira features a braid worn high and a bit off center. Sira is worn over a hairbase (available for free at the store) and the top is built up, an effect which give a very dramatic appearance. The hair can be highlighted, and a HUD with 20 colors for streaking and 16 colors for the hair tie is included.

In my previous post I introduced the Liane skin, showing the Goth version. However, if you see yourself more as a bronze beauty, you’ll want to try this darker skin tone. Twelve makeup packs (as well as the fatpack) are available, and as with the Goth version, each pack includes 4 skins: with / without cleavage and with / without makeup. Ten lip colors are included, as well as layers for extra boost or smaller chests. Wearing the bronze version of Liane, I feel exotic, mysterious and sensuous. You should give Liane a try; I think you will like it. Liane goes for L$950 per individual makeup set, or L$2,900 for the fat-pack. (Fatpack includes the Lisa shape, shown above.)

Liane Bronze Skin and Lottie Shape with Nami Hair

Liane Bronze Skin and Lottie Shape with Nami Hair

In my last post I reviewed the Halloween gift version of the Nami hair style, but Nami is also available in the natural and bubble gum colors. With those cute short bangs, Nami reminds me a little bit of Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. But Carina takes it up a notch or two with the do on top. Although not shown in this photo, Nami includes highlight options. As with Sira (except sans hair tie colors) Nami comes with a 20-color HUD for highlights. Sira and Nami each sell for L$250 for a pack of 6 – 8 colors, or L$900 for the fatpack of 54 colors.

One last note on the shapes worn in these photos. Designers, of course, create their skins around particular shapes. If you wish to match your Amacci skin with an Amacci shape, Carina Larsen has made it easy. At Amacci, skins and shapes that begin with the same letter were just made for each other. So to use the examples here, the Lisa and Lottie shapes were designed to best show the features of the Liane skin. Lottie’s pack includes 4 sizes: XS, S, and M to fit standard mesh sizes, plus a curvy size. Mod/copy shapes are included with each fatpack, or a shape can be purchased separately for L$700.

Well, whatever you do, don’t let me keep you from your shopping trip. Here’s the pertinent poop…

  • Top photo:
    • Skin: Amacci Liane (Bronze)
    • Hair: Amacci Sira (Dark Brown)
    • Shape: Amacci Lisa
    • Eyes: Amacci Real Eyes (Earth)
    • Dress: AlaFolie Marion
  • Lower photo:
    • Skin: Amacci Liane (Bronze)
    • Hair: Amacci Nami (Dark Brown)
    • Shape: Amacci Lottie
    • Eyes: Amacci Real Eyes (Earth)
    • Dress: AlaFolie Marion
  • Main Store: Amacci/131/178/23/