Hazel skin (fair) with Maddie hair (jet black)

I’m always excited when Carina Larsen releases new designs, and today I have three to tell you about…

Oh, first things first.  From now through Nov 4, there is a sale at the Amacci skin store! Individual skin packs are on sale for L$475, and fatpacks for L$1,850. (That’s a 50% discount on individual skins, and a 35% discount on fatpacks.)

Ok, ’nuff of the distractions. Down to business. First up, Carina’s new skin line Hazel. Hazel is a complex girl. Hazel’s brows have a low arch, giving her a pensive look. But she is far from a boring woman; those full cupid-bow lips tell the world that she is a very sensuous woman. Hazel wears strong eye shadow, with a nice selection of eye shadow colors available. (And a clear version of the skin, i.e. no makeup, is included with each pack.) Each individual or fatpack includes 10 lip colors. How fun is that?

Then there is the Maddie hair style. You know those times… you’re getting the tresses up off your shoulders, but you just can’t be bothered with that “not a hair out of place” nonsense. Well, that’s Maddie. And with those straight-cut bangs, Maddie is one impetuous girl.

Hazel skin (nutmeg) with Ebba hair (coffee)

Now when you’re feeling kittenish and girly, nothing gets the message across quite like pigtails. And if you’re going to do pigtails, why not do them in a big way? The Ebba hair style is BOLD! So go ahead and indulge that inner vixen.

In both pictures I’m wearing hairbases. A hairbase is a small thing that makes a huge difference in your appearance. Amacci hairbases are available for free at the store or at Marketplace, so go for it!

And the stuff you need to know: For the skins, each individual makeup pack includes four skins (cleavage / no cleavage and with / without makeup), 10 lipstick tattoos, 4 eyebrow shapers, and layers for enhanced boost and flatter chests. Fatpacks for each skin tone include all of the above in all 12 makeups, as well as the Hallie shape. See above for prices. A complete avatar with Hazel skin (Fair 11 Fresh), Hallie shape, Sapphire Eyes 6, Maddie hair in Wheat and Amore lingerie in Green is available for L$1,400. The hair styles each sell for L$250 for a pack of 6 – 8 colors, or L$900 for the fatpack of 54 colors.

  • What the cutie is wearing:
    • Top photo:
      • Skin: Amacci Hazel (Fair)
      • Shape: Amacci Hallie
      • Hair: Amacci Maddie (Jet Black)
      • Eyes: Amacci Real Eyes (Earth)
      • Bra: Amacci Amore (Black)
    • Bottom photo:
      • Skin: Amacci Hazel (Nutmeg)
      • Shape: Amacci Hallie
      • Hair: Amacci Ebba (Coffee)
      • Top: Purple Moon Prune (Blue)
      • Knickers: Amacci Amore (Black)
    • Main store: Amacci/131/178/23/