“Mai” hair by Amacci

“Kasja” hair by Amacci

The last two hair styles that I want to show you from Amacci’s release last week are Mai and Kasja. Whereas Agnes and several other recent releases have featured those adorable short straight bangs, these two styles have longer swept bangs. Along with all the stray wisps of hair, the overall effect is a more relaxed, easy-going look. Yet each style creates its own mood. Kasja has these floppy puppy-ear pigtails giving a bouncy, lively spirit. On the other hand, Mai, with the tightly wound tresses, is a little more “I’m cute, but don’t mess with me.” So, there you have two delightful hair styles to choose from.

And I should note also that the skins, shapes, and eyes shown in these photos are also Amacci. You can end up with a wonderful avi at the end of your shopping trip to Amacci.

So the hair styles sell for L$250 for a color pack of 6 – 8 colors, or L$900 for a 54 color fatpack.

  • What the cutie is wearing:
    • Top photo:
      • Hair: Amacci Mai (Jet Black)
      • Eyes: Amacci Look (Denim)
      • Skin: Amacci Hazel (Fair)
      • Bustier: Mimikri Leather Bustier (Dusk Steel)
      • Pants: MEB Leather Pants (Black)
    • Lower photo:
      • Hair: Amacci Kasja (Coffee)
      • Eyes: Amacci Look (Dark Brown)
      • Skin: Amacci Hazel (Bronze)
      • Shirt: AstondisHD Tuff Cupcake
      • Jeans: Felicia’s Fashions Blue Jeans
  • Main Store: Amacci/131/178/23/