Amacci: Nuiko skin with Ayana hair

If I turn around right now, I see my ginkgo tree filling the window, brilliant gold in its autumn color in the late afternoon sun. Its delicate fan-shaped leaves float down one-by-one in the lightest breeze and carpet the lawn. It is that delicate beauty of Asia that Carina Larsen so aptly captures in her new avatar, Niina.

Let’s take a closer look at Niina. We begin with the Niina shape, artfully crafted with Asian facial structure and lovely curves. Wear over that shape the Nuiko skin, with those rosebud lips and beguiling eyes. The skin is soft with a nice flush on the apples of the cheeks. The makeup is fresh and light, celebrating the purity of Nuiko’s complexion. Lip colors range from pale through rose through peach through dark; eye makeups are appropriate for day or evening.

Niina complete avatar: Niina shape, Nuiko skin, Mai hair, Look eyes, Amore lingerie

Individual makeup sets are L$950/ea and include 2 skins (w/ and w/o teeth) extra skins with no makeup, 2 extra cleavage tattoos, a small chest tattoo, 10 lipstick tattoos, a hairbase tattoo, and 4 eyebrow shapes. The fatpack includes the aforementioned in all 12 makeup sets plus the Niina shape and sells for L$2,900. The Niina shape can be bought separately for L$700, is fully modifiable, and includes S and M sizes for mesh clothes. The complete avatar, pictured at right, sells for L$1,400 and includes Nuiko skin (Pearl no 02), Niina shape, Mai hair (Black Coal), Look eyes (Night) and Amore lingerie in blue.

Carina has also released a new hair style, Ayana, which I show in the top photo. In her whimsical way, Carina describes this style as “a cute bun hairstyle that might bring your thoughts to cinnamon rolls or Star Wars!” Can’t argue that! And in the top photo I hopefully show that can also suggest a down-to-business style. Ayana is priced at L$250 for a pack of 6 – 8 colors, or L$950 for the fatpack of 54 colors.

  • What the cutie is wearing:
    • Top photo:
      • Skin: Amacci Nuiko (Pearl, 07 Bordeaux)
      • Shape: Amacci Niina
      • Hair: Amacci Ayana (Dark Brown)
      • Eyes: Amacci Look (Dark Brown)
      • Jacket: R.icielli Peplum Jacket (Sangria)
    • Bottom photo:
      • Skin: Amacci Nuiko (Pearl, 02 Rose)
      • Shape: Amacci Niina
      • Eyes: Amacci Look (Black Coal)
      • Lingerie: Amacci Amore (Blue)
  • Where to buy: