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The day before Christmas. It can be stressful, out and about, finishing up that last minute shopping. That’s why every lady deserves to stop at the pastry shop to compose herself, as I am about to do in the photo above. Well, one thing that I don’t have to worry about: I know that I look smashing, wearing Caroline, from MEB’s new Winter Collection. Caroline comprises a warm jacket, a leather skirt, some toasty knee-high socks, and of course, a pair of boots. With Caroline, MariaElena Barbosa offers a refreshing break from our usual all-covered-up winter wear. The skirt shows Oh so much leg, but with that knit jacket, with the socks and boots, this ensemble says warm and cozy. And let’s not miss Caroline’s overall silhouette; that cute sexy skirt is counterbalanced by the strong shoulders of the jacket. “I am feminine, and I am in charge.”

Well, as I dab the crumbs of pastry with my napkin, I feel ready for that final push. How about you? Still have a gift to buy for that special woman? Consider that MEB’s clothes are transferable, and that you can pick up this complete outfit for L$450.  Or, if this whets your appetite, go ahead and pop on over to the store to view the rest of the Winter Collection, or indeed, the other fabulous finds you will see at MEB.

  • What the cutie is wearing:
    • Jacket: MEB Caroline Mesh Jacket
    • Skirt: MEB Leather Mesh Mini Skirt (White)
    • Socks: MEB Calzetonni neta sera
    • Boots: MEB Stiletto Boots (Black Leather)
    • Clutch: StoRin Luna Red Clutch
    • Earrings: Terra d’ombrA Carmen Earrings
    • Skin: dUTCH tOUCH Yri
    • Hair: Exile Tonight Tonight (Chardonnay)
  • Store: MEB Main Store KLIO/107/199/23/