Friday morning I logged in to find a folder full of new releases from Amacci! There is a lot to review here, so I’m going to keep my descriptions brief. (I don’t want to keep you from your shopping trip :-))

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“Linda” by Amacci

I’m going to lead with a very hip hair style, Linda. I say “hip,” but at the same time, while styling for the shot, I discovered that it is fabulous style for the fashion-forward professional woman. I have an idea that Linda would add a very chic touch to any outfit you are styling. Corina also released a male verison of this style: Leon.

"Anastasia" by Amacci

“Anastasia” by Amacci

Next up is the elegant hair style Anastasia. The faux fur suit that I’m showing with Anastasia suggests a vintage hair style. But I assure you that Anastasia would also be the crowning glory for a modern formal look.

"Gloria" by Amacci

“Gloria” by Amacci

A softer variation on Anastasia is Gloria. With the bangs swept across the forehead, Gloria has a less severe look than Anastasia. It still leaves an upscale impression, and Gloria can be worn for just about any occasion that calls for your hair up off the shoulders.

"Embla" by Amacci

“Embla” by Amacci

I’m going to finish up with one of my faves of the January releases, Embla. I love the look of warm knit hats this time of year. With the bohemian style of the hat and the untamed pigtails, Embla is simply adorable! A HUD is included to change the hat color. And best of all, Embla is available for free as a group gift! (But only until January 19, so hurry.) Corina also has a group gift for the boys, the Thor pony tail. But hey girls, Thor works for us, too ;-). See the bottom of the post for info on joining the group.

Now through January 20, ALL Amacci hair is on sale for L$95 for a single color hair pack, or L$295 for a fatpack of 54 colors. (Normally Amacci hair sells for  L$250 for each color pack, or L$900 for the fatpack. So, yea, you don’t want to miss this sale.) And as I mentioned above, Embla and Thor are gifts, available until Jan 19.

  • What the cutie is wearing:
    • Photo 1:
      • Hair: Amacci Linda (Black Coal)
      • Skin: Amacci Nuiko (Pearl with lipstick #5)
      • Shape: Amacci Niina
      • Eyes: Amacci Look eyes (Night)
      • Bra: Amacci Amore lingerie (Black)
      • Jacket: J.H. Couture Tina mesh leather jacket (Black)
      • Nails: N-Core Manicure
    • Photo 2:
      • Hair: Amacci Anastasia (Pearl Platinum)
      • Skin: Amacci Hazel (Fair -06 with lipstick #6)
      • Shape: Amacci Hazel
      • Eyes: Amacci Look eyes (Coffee)
      • Suit: Sherry Yates Grey Faux Fur Suit
      • Earrings: Terra d’ombrA Carmen Pearl
    • Photo 3:
      • Hair: Amacci Gloria (Brown Sugar)
      • Skin: Amacci Hazel (Fair -03)
      • Shape: Amacci Hazel
      • Jacket: R.icielli Mesh Peplum Jacket (Blue)
    • Photo 4:
      • Hair: Amacci Embla (Butterscotch)
      • Skin: Amacci Hazel (Fair -01 with lipstick #5)
      • Shape: Amacci Hazel
      • Sweater: R.icielli Serena
  • Where to buy

The following are Corina  Larsen’s instructions for joining the Amacci group:

There are two update groups – one normal Update Group in SL. You can find it under Search > Groups > Amacci. It is free to join. You will find the gift under ‘Group window / Notices’.

Or you can choose to join our Subscribe-o-matic Update Group that doesn’t require any of the SL group spaces. You will find subscription kiosks in the store right by the landing spot and around the store. Click it, ‘Join’ and then click again and choose ‘History’ to find your gift.