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My Norn Guardian

My norn guardian near the Durmand Priory in Lornar’s Pass

So this is pretty off-topic for a fashion blog, but since I haven’t been posting for a while, I thought I would let you in on what I have been up to… Guild Wars. Guild Wars 2 is a mmorpg, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. And it is a game, rather than an avatar-driven social network such as SL. You are constrained to your story lines (although you do shape that, to an extent) and to whatever heroic activities the game creators have provided. By contrast, SL is pretty much a free-for-all; content is created mainly by the residents, and there is an endless variety of things you can do. I hadn’t been interested in mmorpgs up to this point, but GW lured me with its exquisite art work, the fun cut scenes, and the depth of the avatars.

My norn guardian with Salimael, the human elamentalist

My norn guardian with Salima, my human elementalist friend, on the Tarnished Coast

In the two pictures above, I’m showing my norn guardian. The norn are a race of good-natured folk who love to drink and brawl, and follow the counsel of their animal spirit guides. In terms of culture, think Beowulf or Vikings: a gigantic race of Nordic legendary heroes. They dwell in the dramatic landscape of the Shiverpeak Mountains and get along well with all the other races. (After all, when you stand 9 feet tall in flats, who wants to be your enemy?)

Yve of Destruction (my charr engineer) with Salimacharr

Yve of Destruction (my charr engineer) with Salimacharr in the charr capital city of the Black Citadel

In terms of the other races, there are humans; there are sentient trees known as sylvari; a race of intelligent but vicious beasts known as the charr (pictured above); and a small, super-intelligent rat-like creature, the asura. Each race has its own culture and home lands, and they are widely different. Case in point: the humans have a magnificent capital city, Divinity’s Reach, and have a strong centralized government ruled by a monarch and a governing council. On the other hand, the norn “capital city” is barely more than a permanent encampment, and they have nothing resembling any kind of government. The charr are strongly tribal, and for the record, they are mean as snakes.

Asura guardian sylvari guardian the Caledon Forest

Asura guardian and sylvari guardian in the Caledon Forest

So your characters can be human or human-like, or you can choose to be one of the fantasy races.

Yve of the Snows with Eir Stegalkin

Yve of the Snows (my norn huntress) with her mentor Eir Stegalkin

When you create a character (you get five character slots when you set up your account) you choose both a race and a profession. Among the professions are warriors, guardians, engineers, elementalists, mesmers, necromancers, thieves, and rangers. Each profession has different skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Guardians, for example, are mainly healers, although my guardian can inflict an astonishing amount of damage if she is forced into a melee. The photo directly above shows my norn huntress standing with Eir Stegalkin, one of the non-player characters. (Eir is the mentor for the norn players, and she is the coolest of the mentors!) Rangers have pets, and you can see my pet wolf, Ms. Puppy, behind Eir. As I say, each character you can create has it’s own personality, and the scars swiped across my huntress’s face would suggest that she’s not afraid to get into it with a bear.

The human warrior Yvette Donner going undercover as a pirate

My human warrior Yvette Donner going undercover as a pirate

Well, I’m off to infiltrate pirates. But if you are ever on Guild Wars 2 and want to look me up, I am Yvette.3805, and I play on the Ferguson’s Crossing homeworld. Peace out.