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I was in for a delightful surprise when I logged in this morning. Aggressione’s Corina Carlberg was online, and she was very excited to tell me that she was releasing something special… her first mesh dress! And before you know it, I had a full set in my inventory.

Mesh is a real step forward for Corina. And yet for her fans, this dress will feel familiar. It has Aggressione’s fun, sexy style: that short mini dress with a low, sensuous back. And something more that’s new, I think.  Corina has used prints before, but there is something about these prints feels fresh and vibrant. And yes, I said “prints” in the plural; she has released the dress in five different floral prints. (One of them is a group gift, which can double as your demo.) Individual prints are available for a limited time at the promotional price of L$99, the pack of five for L$350. There are five sizes in the pack, and the sizes seem to run about what you expect.

Lastly, I should thank Corina for showing up barefoot at my house this morning; she inspired this comic 🙂

(Oh, and be sure to wear your knickers 😉 )