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"Estra" by Amacci

“Estra” by Amacci

It’s always a good day when I log in, and there are review copies from Carina Larsen in my inbox 🙂

But first, let’s talk about orchids. Orchids belong to a group of plants knows as monocots. I won’t go into the biology, but in addition to orchids, monocots include grasses, palms, onion, garlic, bananas and so forth. For the most part, monocots have unremarkable flowers. Except the orchid. Orchids are aguably the Plant Kingdom’s most exquisite flower. And Carina has adorned one of one of her new hair styles with orchids!

Estra features swirls of hair wound on top and back of the head, and pinned in with orchids. The hair itself is worn over a hair base (available at no cost at Marketplace and the store) and the flowers are worn as a separate attachment. An included hud lets you choose from 15 orchid varieties, all of them amazing! Flowers in your hair always makes a girl feel pretty.

  • Hair: Amacci Estra (Onyx)
  • Skin: Amacci Nuiko (Pearl)
  • Shape: Amacci Niina
  • Dress: AlaFolie Charlotte
"Thea" by Amacci

“Thea” by Amacci

For those days when you are not doing up your hair for a special occasion, Carina has a casual style for you: a pony tail tied up off the shoulder. The included hud lets you choose from sixteen colors for the band.

  • Hair: Amacci Thea (Butterscotch)
  • Skin: Amacci Hazel (Fair)
  • Shape: Amacci Hallie
  • Top: Maitreya Dakota

Individual packs of 6 – 8 colors sell for L$250; fatpacks of 53 colors sell for L$900.