…and it goes without saying that if there were a prize for most adorable, I would win hands down 🙂

So just as I was thinking that it was time to root around in my inventory for a sweater dress, what should I find when I log in yesterday? Corina Carlberg’s new release! When I saw the detailed knit texture, the sleeveless cut, the cowl neck, I was like, “This is PERFECT!” Add in the leg warmers and heels, the bangles, and you’ve got a complete outfit.  Too cute, too! In the middle of shooting for this post, I got invited to go hang out at a friend’s garden. She commented how well she liked the outfit. When I told her the price (L$119 for an individual color pack, L$799 for all 12 colors), she said it’s a gift!

The dress is available in both warm autumn colors and rich bright colors, a dozen colors all together. Coloring options are available through a HUD. The dress is mesh; there is no demo, but the sizes run typical.

Also, while you’re at the store, have fun with the mini-hunt. There are six tiny orange pumpkins scattered about, so you can outfit yourself for Halloween. (I found all the pumpkins, but I’m not telling where the are 😉 )

Peace out