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"Serena" by Aggressione

“Serena” by Aggressione

A few weeks ago (and I’m embarrassed to admit that it took so long to write this), Corina Carlberg sent me her latest release, a draped dress called “Serena.” Sexy lame makes this dress especially eye-catching, available in metallic colors bronze, silver, and gold.

Before going further, I suppose I should mention my makeover. As the picture shows, I’m going for a fuller figure and a more middle-age avi. It’s a work in progress; there are only limited middle-age skins available, so I’m working with the shape of the facial features to add a little age to the look. And mesh for plush women? There’s a challenge for you.

And that’s one reason why “Serena’s” arrival was so timely for me. As the picture shows, the dress works beautifully on a larger figure. And the boots? OMG! Almost impossible to find boots that fit so nicely as these do. On any figure! So “Serena” is a happy find for larger women, and for the record, the dress looks fabulous on slimmer figures as well 🙂

“Serena” is available for L$179 for an individual color, or L$450 for the pack of all three colors.