“Street Jacket” by MEB


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Herringbone tweed. Sounds conservative, eh? Well that was before MariaElena Barbosa went to work on it. Her new jacket, aptly called Street Jacket, is clearly the work of the name I associate with urban chic.

In addition to its great looks, Street Jacket is a must-have addition to your wardrobe for the sake of its versatility. One of the easiest ways to build a great wardrobe is to buy foundation pieces that can be worn in a variety of occasions. In the outfit I show in the photo, I have put together a strong look, combining elements of glam and casual: pearls and jeans with only the tweed as the centerpiece. I show my complexity – an alluring mystery that you are drawn to unravel. But for a less edgy look, I might be wearing this with a camisole, a sweater, a silk blouse, dress pants, skirt… you name it.

So, all this versatility for L$250. The jacket is available in 7 colors, two tweed textures, and two decorated versions. No doubt, you will find your perfect choice from this selection.

Mmmm… Looking at that picture again, whoever said that tweed was conservative?

  • What the cutie is wearing:
    • Jacket: MEB Street Jacket (Brown)
    • Jeans: R.icielli Pamela Jeans (Dark blue)
    • Necklace and Earrings: Terra d’ombrA Carmen Pearl
    • Hair: Wasabi Pills Bambi (rye)
    • Skin: dUTCH tOUCH MegAn (olive)
  • Store location: KLIO/107/199/23/

Amacci: January 10 Hair Releases

Friday morning I logged in to find a folder full of new releases from Amacci! There is a lot to review here, so I’m going to keep my descriptions brief. (I don’t want to keep you from your shopping trip :-))

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“Linda” by Amacci

I’m going to lead with a very hip hair style, Linda. I say “hip,” but at the same time, while styling for the shot, I discovered that it is fabulous style for the fashion-forward professional woman. I have an idea that Linda would add a very chic touch to any outfit you are styling. Corina also released a male verison of this style: Leon.

"Anastasia" by Amacci

“Anastasia” by Amacci

Next up is the elegant hair style Anastasia. The faux fur suit that I’m showing with Anastasia suggests a vintage hair style. But I assure you that Anastasia would also be the crowning glory for a modern formal look.

"Gloria" by Amacci

“Gloria” by Amacci

A softer variation on Anastasia is Gloria. With the bangs swept across the forehead, Gloria has a less severe look than Anastasia. It still leaves an upscale impression, and Gloria can be worn for just about any occasion that calls for your hair up off the shoulders.

"Embla" by Amacci

“Embla” by Amacci

I’m going to finish up with one of my faves of the January releases, Embla. I love the look of warm knit hats this time of year. With the bohemian style of the hat and the untamed pigtails, Embla is simply adorable! A HUD is included to change the hat color. And best of all, Embla is available for free as a group gift! (But only until January 19, so hurry.) Corina also has a group gift for the boys, the Thor pony tail. But hey girls, Thor works for us, too ;-). See the bottom of the post for info on joining the group.

Now through January 20, ALL Amacci hair is on sale for L$95 for a single color hair pack, or L$295 for a fatpack of 54 colors. (Normally Amacci hair sells for  L$250 for each color pack, or L$900 for the fatpack. So, yea, you don’t want to miss this sale.) And as I mentioned above, Embla and Thor are gifts, available until Jan 19.

  • What the cutie is wearing:
    • Photo 1:
      • Hair: Amacci Linda (Black Coal)
      • Skin: Amacci Nuiko (Pearl with lipstick #5)
      • Shape: Amacci Niina
      • Eyes: Amacci Look eyes (Night)
      • Bra: Amacci Amore lingerie (Black)
      • Jacket: J.H. Couture Tina mesh leather jacket (Black)
      • Nails: N-Core Manicure
    • Photo 2:
      • Hair: Amacci Anastasia (Pearl Platinum)
      • Skin: Amacci Hazel (Fair -06 with lipstick #6)
      • Shape: Amacci Hazel
      • Eyes: Amacci Look eyes (Coffee)
      • Suit: Sherry Yates Grey Faux Fur Suit
      • Earrings: Terra d’ombrA Carmen Pearl
    • Photo 3:
      • Hair: Amacci Gloria (Brown Sugar)
      • Skin: Amacci Hazel (Fair -03)
      • Shape: Amacci Hazel
      • Jacket: R.icielli Mesh Peplum Jacket (Blue)
    • Photo 4:
      • Hair: Amacci Embla (Butterscotch)
      • Skin: Amacci Hazel (Fair -01 with lipstick #5)
      • Shape: Amacci Hazel
      • Sweater: R.icielli Serena
  • Where to buy

The following are Corina  Larsen’s instructions for joining the Amacci group:

There are two update groups – one normal Update Group in SL. You can find it under Search > Groups > Amacci. It is free to join. You will find the gift under ‘Group window / Notices’.

Or you can choose to join our Subscribe-o-matic Update Group that doesn’t require any of the SL group spaces. You will find subscription kiosks in the store right by the landing spot and around the store. Click it, ‘Join’ and then click again and choose ‘History’ to find your gift.

“Pilar” by Cliche


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Job site supervisor flashing her style

Job site supervisor flashing her style

Last week my long-time friend and model extraordinaire Bety Dudek dropped Cliche’s latest release on me. It is a pair of ankle boots crafted by Atila Blackmountain and inspired by Bety, herself. The theme is a workboot morphed into fashionable footwear. There is something about taking something so masculine as a work boot and feminizing it that imbues it with a certain sex-appeal. (Now WE own this!)


click to enlarge

If you’ve previously seen Atila’s footwear, then you are familiar with the amazing attention he pays to detail. As you take a look at the photo on the right, you can take in not only the seaming between the upper and lower parts of the boot, but also at the very front of the toe. The shadows that the boot lace cast on the tongue are clearly visible. The treads on sole of the boot remind me of my RL hiking boots, and the laminated heel and the padding around the top of the boot add those wonderful touches of realism. (Go ahead, click on the photo and take all this in 😉 )

So the reality is, you’re not going to be slogging around a construction job site in these boots. With that wicked heel and integrated paltform sole, this trendy footwear is to be worn where your fashion sense will be seen and appreciated. Pilar is available on Marketplace for L$450, and a demo is available. A pleasingly simple HUD will make fitting a breeze. So hats off to the Cliche team for an original new addition to their lineup.

  • What the cutie is wearing:
    • Boots: Cliche Pilar
    • Jacket & tube top: MEB from Berliner
    • Skirt: Jane mini skirt.hadlee denim.classic
    • Hat: 3Construction Hard Hat
    • Skin: dUTCH tOUCH MegAn (olive)
    • Hair: LeLutka Wither (BlondeFun)
  • Cliche at Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/109695

“Yvette” by Agressione


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Yvette_1 Yvette_2 Yvette_3 Yvette_4Corina Carlberg dropped her new release on me earlier in the day of New Year’s Eve. And I have to ‘fess up: when I logged in and saw the dress, my eyes popped, and I was like, “New Year’s Eve parties! Just in the nick of time!”

So let’s take a look at the dress. First of all, the dress is available in red, black, gold, blue, white, and purple. I chose to show the red, because, well, I look smashing in red! The lace is a delicate floral pattern with a satin trim around the edges. The flowing ruffles of the sleeves add that extra touch of feminine grace. The bodice runs well below the hips, sensuously elongating your silhouette. I will let you close your eyes and imagine the feel of the skin-tight velvet of the skirt, hugging your bum. Not to mention the fact that this itty-bitty little skirt will leave your legs looking a mile long. (A tall pair of car-to-bar heels won’t hurt 😉 )

I think each dress has a personality, and I would describe Yvette’s personality as flirty-playful-sexy. The dress is now available at the promotional price of L$99 for a single color, or L$500 for the fatpack of 6 colors. Included with the dress is my favorite little pair of micro-panties. And while you’re at the store, take a look at the other fun fashions that Corina has available.

Update: When I originally published this post, I had not had a chance to ask Corina about this. I know how well she loves my blog, and it occurred to me that it might be more than coincidence that she had named her new release Yvette. Corina, this  is an incredible honor! Thank you so much <MUAH>!!!

  • What the cutie is wearing:
    • Dress: *Agressione* Yvette (red)
    • Shoes: Purrfect 10 Gemini (crimson)
    • Necklace: Darling+ed Amore WhiteWaterGold Necklace
    • Skin: Amacci Hazel (fair)
    • Lipstick: dUTCH tOUCH MegAn LIPStick (bright red)
    • Hair: LeLutka Trend (Sweeden)
    • Eye Lashes: Miamai NoAlpha Lashes N10
    • Nails: N-Core Manicure
  • Store Location: Pleione/199/225/27 or on MarketPlace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/75336

Look of the Day: J.H. Couture Flared Mini (II & III)


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JHC Flared Mini

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This is a special post, as I get to introduce Yvette Laryukov. (She’s the cutie on the right in the above photo.) I have an idea we will be seeing more of Yvette and her style in the new year.

Last week I ‘fessed up to getting into the Christmas presents that Yvette was giving me. I described an ensemble based around J.H. Couture’s flared tweed miniskirt. One thing I mentioned was what a great foundation piece it was, that it would be possible to wear it with SO many other clothes. Well, I’m back today to show you a couple more outfits.

First off, Yvette Laryukov liked the skirt so well, that she picked one up for herself. (I know it looks like she got into my closet and snaked my skirt, but no, it is her very own skirt 🙂 ) She put together this very stylish outfit, topped with the laced peplum jacket from R.icielli. What I love about these two pieces together is that while that flared skirt is kind of fun and playful, the top softens it and adds a nice touch of elegance. And those classic boots from MEB really dress it up.

I have paired MEB’s scarlet blazer with the skirt, because the charcoal and scarlet just seem made for each other. Being the demure lady that I am (no smart remarks, Laura) I am wearing a cami under the blazer, although in my more adventurous moods, I would ditch the cami or blouse and show some tummy. Still there remains that nice decolletage, which I fill in with the turquoise necklace from je suis. I deliberately chose the ankle boots from G Field to dress down the outfit, but from looking at the other Yvette’s outfit, you can get an idea how a nice pair of dress boots would take it up several notches.

The location for the shoot was Le Mont Saint-Michel. It is a lovely re-creation of that little island off the north coast of France, complete with the monastery on top of the hill. During the shoot, Yvette told me that she had been there in rl, so that made this an extra special location for our first shoot.

So hopefully we have given you a few ideas on putting together outfits around this sexy little mini. But STAY TUNED! In the next day or two I have reviews of a couple very exciting new releases coming up.

  • Models:
    • Yvette Donner (left)
    • Yvette Laryukov (right)
  • What cutie left is wearing:
    • Skirt: J.H. Couture Mona (gray)
    • Cami: Evale Chrissy
    • Jacket: MEB Scarlet Velvet Jacket
    • Boots: G Field Gina (black)
    • Necklace: je suis Mysterious Necklace
    • Bracelet: Alafolie LaTopasienne-scarabee (argent)
    • Skin: dUTHC tOUCH MegAn (olive)
    • Eye Shadow: Glamorize Sexy Thing Eye Makeup (dessert)
    • Lipstick: *Verve* Romaana Lip (toffee apple)
    • Hair & hat: Clawtooth Bon Voyage (starlet blonde)
    • Nails: N-Core Manicure
  • What cutie right is wearing:
    • Skirt: J.H. Couture Mona (gray)
    • Jacket: R.icielli Peplum Laced Jacket (lemonade)
    • Boots: MEB Stiletto Boots (black leather)
    • Nails: Candy nail #P006 Long (Pink)
    • Skin: Skin Soul
    • Eye shadow: R.icielli EXPRESSIVE Makeups / Eyeshadow 08
    • Lipstick: R.icielli – LIPSTICKS 05 / 08
    • Hair: LeLutka Trend (Sweeden)
    • Eyes: Opium Tintable (blue)
  • Location: Le Mont Saint-Michel

“Caroline” by MEB


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click to enlarge

The day before Christmas. It can be stressful, out and about, finishing up that last minute shopping. That’s why every lady deserves to stop at the pastry shop to compose herself, as I am about to do in the photo above. Well, one thing that I don’t have to worry about: I know that I look smashing, wearing Caroline, from MEB’s new Winter Collection. Caroline comprises a warm jacket, a leather skirt, some toasty knee-high socks, and of course, a pair of boots. With Caroline, MariaElena Barbosa offers a refreshing break from our usual all-covered-up winter wear. The skirt shows Oh so much leg, but with that knit jacket, with the socks and boots, this ensemble says warm and cozy. And let’s not miss Caroline’s overall silhouette; that cute sexy skirt is counterbalanced by the strong shoulders of the jacket. “I am feminine, and I am in charge.”

Well, as I dab the crumbs of pastry with my napkin, I feel ready for that final push. How about you? Still have a gift to buy for that special woman? Consider that MEB’s clothes are transferable, and that you can pick up this complete outfit for L$450.  Or, if this whets your appetite, go ahead and pop on over to the store to view the rest of the Winter Collection, or indeed, the other fabulous finds you will see at MEB.

  • What the cutie is wearing:
    • Jacket: MEB Caroline Mesh Jacket
    • Skirt: MEB Leather Mesh Mini Skirt (White)
    • Socks: MEB Calzetonni neta sera
    • Boots: MEB Stiletto Boots (Black Leather)
    • Clutch: StoRin Luna Red Clutch
    • Earrings: Terra d’ombrA Carmen Earrings
    • Skin: dUTCH tOUCH Yri
    • Hair: Exile Tonight Tonight (Chardonnay)
  • Store: MEB Main Store KLIO/107/199/23/

LOTD: JH Couture Flared Skirt with Cold Logic Top


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LOTD - Flared Mini Cold Logic Top_002

click to enlarge

For Christmas, Yvette Laryukov gave me that wonderful tweed skirt from J.H. Couture, and these cute little ankle boots from Redgrave. Yea, not yet Christmas, but I peeked, unwrapped them, wore them, and styled them. (But Santa, I can explain…)

Let me tell you why I love this outfit. First of all, the skirt. Besides being cute, sexy and chic, this skirt is a basic foundation piece that goes with ANYthing! A neutral color, not too dressy and not too casual, you can dress up with it, or dress down. For this look, I chose something in between; the top from Cold Logic hangs loosely but is still quite stylish. The top leaves a lot of open space on the chest, which I filled in with the watches from [glow] studio. I hadn’t originally intended to wear the Redgrave boots with this outfit, but when I pulled them on… they added just the right playful touch.

Well, shhhh! Don’t let the other Yvette know that I got into my Christmas prezzies already!

  • What the cutie is wearing:
    • Skirt: J.H. Couture Mona mesh flared skirt (gray)
    • Top: Cold Logic Graham (sunset)
    • Boots: Redgrave Bonnie Boots (night – gold)
    • Necklace: [glow] studio 4 minutes (full)
    • Ring: je suis mysterious
    • Skin: dUTCH tOUCH MegAn (Olive)
    • Hair: LeLutka Trend (Sweeden)

“Emily” by Agressione



Agressione Emily_1

Agressione Emily_2

Agressione Emily_3

Agressione Emily_4

Ok, truth be told, you’ll look a good sight better than Wilma when you don Agressione’s latest release, Emily. Corina Carlberg’s new dress features a low-cut decollatage, and an even lower… mmm… let’s just say that Corina appreciates the sensuality of a woman’s back. Now, I have always loved wearing animal prints. There is something so primal… so visceral. And Corina captures that instinct brilliantly with Emily. The next time you are out at your favorite club, there will be no doubt that you are a feline on the prowl.

For the pictures I’m chose the white version of the dress; I guess now in winter, the idea of the snow leopard appealed to me. But the dress is also available in blue, red, pink, purple, and wild (which would be the natural animal color). The outfit is completely accessorized with silk micro-panties (it is a super short dress, heehee), gold and silver bangles, and lace-up fur-cuffed boots. (The boots alone are worth the price of admission!) Right now the accessorized dress sells for a promotional price of L$99 for a single color, or L$400 for a fatpack of all six colors. (The fatpack includes a color HUD for the boots.)

  • What the cutie is wearing:
    • Dress, boots, and bangles: Agressione Emily
    • Skin: Amacci Hazel (Fair)
    • Hair: Amacci Maddie (Brown Sugar)
    • Earrings: Holliday’s Gold Hoop Earrings
  • Location: Pleione/199/225/27

LOTD: Suede Skirt & Convict Coat


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Well, I’ve taken a few week off of blogging to catch my breath and start my Christmas shopping; now I’m ready to jump back into the fray. Laura suggested that I blog my various Looks Of The Day, so let me tell you about the outfit I put on this morning after coffee and shower.

The suede skirt and belt is a classic look from MEB that you’ve probably seen once or twice before in this blog.  It’s pre-mesh, but nevertheless, a very attractive piece. The coat is another classic, the Convict jacket from Jane. Jane’s quality clothing at affordable prices has always appealed to me. The hair is fun! Alice Project has been giving away a different hair style each day during Advent. The hair is streaked with red & green for Christmas. The pantyhose, well, see below, and the boots were from R.icielli’s Valentine hunt earlier this year. (Unfortunately, I don’t think they are available anymore.) Pose on the right, however, is available still. It is a gift from Exposeur, a new gift put out each day during Advent.

Well, that’s it. Time to go out and be seen!

  • What the cutie is wearing:
    • Skirt & Belt: MEB Suede Skirt (Natural)
    • Sweater: TJTH Cozy Long Brown Sweater
    • Coat: Jane Convict Jacket (Truffle)
    • Leg Wear: Slanted Lines Pantyhose by BabyLuv Lane worn over Insolence Carmen Pantyhose (Heavy Tan)
    • Boots: R.icielli Hilary Mesh Boots (Brown)
    • Hair: Alice Project Tiffany (Mint Tulip Advent Calendar Gift)
    • Skin: dUTCH tOUCH MegAn (Olive)
    • Pose: Exposeur Female of the Species

Amacci: “Nuiko” Skin, “Niina” Shape, and “Ayana” Hair


Amacci: Nuiko skin with Ayana hair

If I turn around right now, I see my ginkgo tree filling the window, brilliant gold in its autumn color in the late afternoon sun. Its delicate fan-shaped leaves float down one-by-one in the lightest breeze and carpet the lawn. It is that delicate beauty of Asia that Carina Larsen so aptly captures in her new avatar, Niina.

Let’s take a closer look at Niina. We begin with the Niina shape, artfully crafted with Asian facial structure and lovely curves. Wear over that shape the Nuiko skin, with those rosebud lips and beguiling eyes. The skin is soft with a nice flush on the apples of the cheeks. The makeup is fresh and light, celebrating the purity of Nuiko’s complexion. Lip colors range from pale through rose through peach through dark; eye makeups are appropriate for day or evening.

Niina complete avatar: Niina shape, Nuiko skin, Mai hair, Look eyes, Amore lingerie

Individual makeup sets are L$950/ea and include 2 skins (w/ and w/o teeth) extra skins with no makeup, 2 extra cleavage tattoos, a small chest tattoo, 10 lipstick tattoos, a hairbase tattoo, and 4 eyebrow shapes. The fatpack includes the aforementioned in all 12 makeup sets plus the Niina shape and sells for L$2,900. The Niina shape can be bought separately for L$700, is fully modifiable, and includes S and M sizes for mesh clothes. The complete avatar, pictured at right, sells for L$1,400 and includes Nuiko skin (Pearl no 02), Niina shape, Mai hair (Black Coal), Look eyes (Night) and Amore lingerie in blue.

Carina has also released a new hair style, Ayana, which I show in the top photo. In her whimsical way, Carina describes this style as “a cute bun hairstyle that might bring your thoughts to cinnamon rolls or Star Wars!” Can’t argue that! And in the top photo I hopefully show that can also suggest a down-to-business style. Ayana is priced at L$250 for a pack of 6 – 8 colors, or L$950 for the fatpack of 54 colors.

  • What the cutie is wearing:
    • Top photo:
      • Skin: Amacci Nuiko (Pearl, 07 Bordeaux)
      • Shape: Amacci Niina
      • Hair: Amacci Ayana (Dark Brown)
      • Eyes: Amacci Look (Dark Brown)
      • Jacket: R.icielli Peplum Jacket (Sangria)
    • Bottom photo:
      • Skin: Amacci Nuiko (Pearl, 02 Rose)
      • Shape: Amacci Niina
      • Eyes: Amacci Look (Black Coal)
      • Lingerie: Amacci Amore (Blue)
  • Where to buy: