Queen of Hearts by Blue Moon Enterprise


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queen of heartsIf you have engaged in fantasy role play here, you might be familiar with Blue Moon Enterprise (BMe). BMe produces exquisitely detailed costumes for fantasy / medieval role play themes. Anyway, the reason I’ve turned back the clock on fashion here is because BMe has made a gorgeous gown available as a group gift, Queen of Hearts. I think it normally sells for L$650, but as I say, group gift right now.

The gown is classic mesh in 5 standard sizes. My dresser was able to tightly lace up the bodice with a deep breath on my part and just some minor tweaks to my shape. And as usual, that is with me wearing the Tonic Curvy Beauty mesh body. So, thumbs up on the fit!

The design, the construction, the fabrics, the embellishments, everything is just stunning. I’m not even going to try to describe it. You can zoom in on the photograph, or better still, head over to BMe, join the group, and pick up the gown. You truly will feel like royalty. Thank you to the folks at BMe for this beautiful gift.



Sweet E’s Paige at The Event


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Sweet E's paigeAh, the 60’s. Gone, but not forgotten. Bell-bottom trousers, bold paisley prints, it was its own brand of fun fashion. I was at The Event today, and ran across this little outfit for L$99 that has a playful retro feel about it. It’s an Event exclusive from Sweet E’s, and it’s called Paige. It’s a three piece set in purple featuring a tank top, jeans, and an off-the-shoulder sweater. It includes models for classic and numerous mesh bodies, and importantly for me, Tonic Curvy Beauty is represented.

The tank is a button-up front in paisley with wide straps (as opposed to spaghetti straps) and cropped just below the belly button. The sweater, as I mentioned, is off-the-shoulder, featuring a soft lining and a draw string (with convincing wrinkles on the fabric surrounding the string). Also, the sweater is loose enough that it can be worn with, for example, a bustier. The trousers are a purple denim jean, split down the front and back of each leg, with the paisley print sewn in to flare out the legs. The jeans come in versions fit for high, mid, and flat heels. Really cute!

It is available now at the Event, but they rotate some of their items frequently. I don’t know how much longer Paige will be available, so if you’re interested, you will want to head out there soon. Happy shopping!




“Leesa” by Finale Couture at Designer Showcase


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finale couture leesaSo I’ve seen a few things at the January round of Designer Showcase that include models for Tonic’s Curvy Beauty. One of them that caught my attention is this Designer Showcase exclusive from Finale Couture called Leesa. The outfit includes a cropped knit turtleneck sweater, leather pants, and a belly chain. Individual colors are available at the Showcase for L$200. Eight colors are available, and I’m shown wearing blush.

The detailing is fantastic. Very convincing wrinkles are molded into the mesh of the sweater and pants. The texture of the leather is soft and sensual, the sweater is a comfy close knit with those nice lines of embellishment down the front. The chain includes a resize script, and I managed a fairly good fit on my not-so-easy-to-fit shape. With the low-rise pants, the cropped sweater, and that bold chain, the outfit has a little bit of an edge to it, yet remains altogether tasteful. What a great balance to achieve.


Designer Showcase Gifts – January 2019


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giulia design arisa_001I want to do a quick post on a couple of gifts I picked up at Designer Showcase. There are some really nice things there; it’s worth a trip.

The first is this outfit that Giulia Designs has out as a gift, Arisa. As I’ve written earlier, I’m trying to focus on clothes for Tonic’s Curvy Beauty body. Although the gift does not include a model for Curvy, it’s so pretty that I decided to model it on my Physique body. It has very nice detailing on both the top and the pants, and the top has that very sexy low back. I know it’s early for pastels, but Spring is just around the corner, right?

gouttes d'or by zoom_001The next gift is from zOOm, the Gouttes d’or Dress. Well, I’m seeing more of a negligee than a dress, but let’s not sweat the small stuff, right? It’s so delicate and pretty, and this one indeed includes a model for Curvy.

alix choker by avada_001Lastly, a must-have piece, the Alix choker from Avada. The HUD includes a nice selection of colors for the band, the metal, and the stone, and it has a great resize script.


Ghee Fall17 Classic Boucle Suit


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ghee classic boucle suit_002So since I started wearing Tonic’s Curvy Beauty, I’ve given myself a little challenge: to scour the grid to find clothes to fit this lovely mesh body. A quick and easy way to sample numerous designers is to drop by one of the many fashion events that come up from time to time. My first stop was the 2nd Chance Sales Event. Indeed, I found several offerings for Tonic bodies, although none really fit my style. There was an outfit that grabbed my attention, although it did not include fitmesh models for Tonic. However, a couple of the included models worked very nicely on Curvy Beauty.

I’m talking about the Boucle Suit from Ghee, a timeless classic available for only L$100. The textures are warm tweed wool, richly detailed. There are half a dozen colors available at the event (I’m wearing Port), and even the rose has a warm, cozy look to it. The skirt is high-waisted and the jacket cropped, giving you a nice long silhouette. The jacket and the skirt can be worn separately. I’m finding that skirts made for Lara fit Curvy Beauty pretty well, usually with just the widest part of the hip needing to be alpha-ed out. And the Hourglass model of the jacket is a good fit for the top. Pair the suit with Ghee’s Bento Croc Gloves, and you’re set for afternoon tea at the Club, or shopping the high-end boutiques with the gals.

Now… I’d sent my executive assistant out for a latte. What’s taking him so long?


Happy to Be Back


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After a long absence, I send greetings as I relaunch my beloved blog. In retiring from my RL career, I’m looking forward spending time on recreational activities I’ve enjoyed over the years, in this case dipping my toes into the marvelous world of SL fashion by way of my blog.

A lot has changed since I last published here: mesh bodies and heads, bento animations, new designers. In keeping with the changes, I’ve given my avi a makeover. I’m wearing a LAQ bento head, and I’ve gone from the statuesque model shape to something more cuddly, Tonic’s Curvy Beauty mesh body.

I’m going to focus on the Tonic, since it’s new to me and I’m really excited about it. At L$2,000, it’s a great value, with integrated hands and feet (static and animated hand poses, and three foot shapes, compatible with Slink feet), a fully-featured body HUD, a wardrobe HUD, an applier for larger nipples, ten skin tones from Lumae integrated into the main HUD, and integrated Omega Evolved applier.

I was a little concerned about styling the Tonic body, since available clothing items are less abundant than for some other bodies. But I was pleasantly surprised when I put together this warm winter outfit. The sweater is a group gift from KiB Designs that is still in the store, and I’m wearing the Maitreya version; it fits fine, and nothing pokes out where it shouldn’t. Likewise the boots are the Maitreya versions of Heels’ Jenkins boots. After alpha-ing out the lower leg, it is a perfect fit around the boot top. For the skin I decided to start with the included Lumae skin, and I tinted my LAQ head skin for an excellent match (Lumae T6 on the Tonic, and LAQ 2.0 tinted to 233, 216, 224 RGB, in case you were wondering). Oh, and the jeans magically appeared on my legs when I clicked the Omega applier HUD. And picking through my inventory, it seemed that a number of Freya versions of clothes fit the Tonic. So bottom line, finding clothes for Tonic’s Curvy Beauty is quite do-able.

Oh, and did I mention that I LOVE her shape?

Here’s the pertinent poop:

And Happy New Year! Have a beautiful and safe 2019.

“Portia” Bikini by Aggressione


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Never fails. Girls, if you want the low hanging fruit – and yes, I TOTALLY intend that pun – then plan a blog shoot at a secluded beach sim. It’s like they pop out of your tote. “Sunscreen… Cosmo…” Boing! “Dude! Where did he come from?… Water bottle…” Boing! “Dang! Another one!” Where do they come from? It’s like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag, you know?

I dunno, maybe they are drawn to those sexy Aggressione swimsuits I shoot? So Portia is just a really nice little ‘kini. It’s clothing layers, not mesh, so no fuss about fitting. Sandals are included, but I think my favorite part is the beaded belly chain with that adorable little heart. The bikini comes in 8 different colors, each available for L$119. Corina sent me the fatpack (L$720), so I mixed and matched from the black and pink sets for this presentation. The belly chain and sandals can be textured to multicolor or single color.

I would like to thank Dahlia Jayaram for opening her bed & breakfast to the SL community. Once you blow off the stalkers, it’s a pleasant place to relax.

  • What the cutie is wearing:
    • Bikini, belly chain, and sandals: Aggressione Portia
    • Skin: dUTCH tOUCH MegAn (Olive)
    • Hair: Chemistry Bubbles (Flax) with blunt bangs
  •  Purchase at:
    • Main store: Pleione/199/225/27
    • MarketPlace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/75336/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&search%5Bcategory_id%5D=&search%5Bmaturity_level%5D=G&search%5Bkeywords%5D=portia

“Dangerous” Corset Dress by Aggressione


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Because if there is a law against being too hawt, I’m in BIIIG trouble 😉

This morning when Corina said “corset,” she really got my attention. And not just a stand-alone corset, but a corset dress. Well, you do get the stand-alone corset included with the pack, for when you want to wear it with jeans for that dressed down, but still sexy look. Or *ahem* as intimate bedroom apparel. But back to the business at hand.

The pictures speak for themselves: luxurious satin fabric with lovely stitching and trimmed with a delicate little lace. I fell in love with this the moment I saw it! The dress comes in 7 colors: black, white, pink, green, butter, purple, and red. The corset and dress are mesh, and come in the usual 5 sizes; they very comfortably fit both my slender and my full-figured avis. Individual color packs sell for L$149; the fatpack goes for L$395 and includes a HUD to color the corset and skirt bodies separately, and the corset and skirt lace trims separately. Corina also told me that there is a red-white-black group gift.

So many ways to style this; you can read below what I did with it. (I picked up the gloves from 5th&Oxford eons ago; I don’t think that store is still around, but I believe Eclectica has something similar.) Whatever you do, pick up this dress, look dangerous, and carry on!

  • What the cutie is wearing:
    • Dress: Aggressione Dangerous (Purple with black lace)
    • Gloves: 5th&Oxford Leather Gloves
    • Necklace and Earrings: Eclectica Clusters Jewelry Set  (Evening Glitz)
    • Bracelet: Exclusively Yours from Brianna outfit
    • Boots: Indyra Originals Coquette Noir (DV-8)
    • Skin: Belleza Ria (Tan 2 Br)
    • Eye Shadow: Glamorize Sexy Thing (Dessert) and Eyeliner: dUTCH TOUCH nr 3
    • Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Leana (Gold/Blondy)
    • Lashes: Miamai NoAlpha Lashes (N10)
    • Windlight: Strawberry Singh Sapphire

“Serena” by Aggressione


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"Serena" by Aggressione

“Serena” by Aggressione

A few weeks ago (and I’m embarrassed to admit that it took so long to write this), Corina Carlberg sent me her latest release, a draped dress called “Serena.” Sexy lame makes this dress especially eye-catching, available in metallic colors bronze, silver, and gold.

Before going further, I suppose I should mention my makeover. As the picture shows, I’m going for a fuller figure and a more middle-age avi. It’s a work in progress; there are only limited middle-age skins available, so I’m working with the shape of the facial features to add a little age to the look. And mesh for plush women? There’s a challenge for you.

And that’s one reason why “Serena’s” arrival was so timely for me. As the picture shows, the dress works beautifully on a larger figure. And the boots? OMG! Almost impossible to find boots that fit so nicely as these do. On any figure! So “Serena” is a happy find for larger women, and for the record, the dress looks fabulous on slimmer figures as well 🙂

“Serena” is available for L$179 for an individual color, or L$450 for the pack of all three colors.

“Victoria” Mesh Sweater Dress by Aggressione


…and it goes without saying that if there were a prize for most adorable, I would win hands down 🙂

So just as I was thinking that it was time to root around in my inventory for a sweater dress, what should I find when I log in yesterday? Corina Carlberg’s new release! When I saw the detailed knit texture, the sleeveless cut, the cowl neck, I was like, “This is PERFECT!” Add in the leg warmers and heels, the bangles, and you’ve got a complete outfit.  Too cute, too! In the middle of shooting for this post, I got invited to go hang out at a friend’s garden. She commented how well she liked the outfit. When I told her the price (L$119 for an individual color pack, L$799 for all 12 colors), she said it’s a gift!

The dress is available in both warm autumn colors and rich bright colors, a dozen colors all together. Coloring options are available through a HUD. The dress is mesh; there is no demo, but the sizes run typical.

Also, while you’re at the store, have fun with the mini-hunt. There are six tiny orange pumpkins scattered about, so you can outfit yourself for Halloween. (I found all the pumpkins, but I’m not telling where the are 😉 )

Peace out